Thursday, 3 October 2013


Her mind is a clock - chiming at the brink of beauty
The clogs pulling her from side to side
The hour hand close - 
Slow but steady
Not quite there- 
Yes the minute prevails 
She lags behind 
But She'll never pass the hour 
She tries her best 
Block out the numbers circulating her 
Tick tock

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Plus size

Plus, Plus and Plus again
The female body now Maths??
All this Adding – Multiplying
All this surplus knowledge to associate with FAT
Yes I said the forbidden word.
Extra fabric? Bigger Sewing machine?
New Factory?
Extra Large sketch pad?
Or is it a different pencil they use?
Illusion dresses
Dark colours –
Flared jeans to balance that upper thigh
Capped sleeves
The usual wardrobe of a plus size queen